KCWC provides attendees with planned tracks for targeted professional development.  Please browse this page for offerings, and return regularly for updates.


These workshops help you learn about the business aspects of being a writer.

Writing Craft

Learn how to improve your writing skills and present your work in a professional way.

Fiction or Non-Fiction Track

Both fiction and non-fiction workshop tracks provide instruction specific to your genre.

Enjoy perusing these 2021 offerings for KCWC workshops. Each one is led by a respected industry professional. When offerings are finalized, the Schedule page will be updated so you can plan your attendance. This list is not yet complete. Please visit again for new workshop listings.

Can I Turn My Blog into a Book? | Cherrilynn Bisbano | Craft

Want to turn your blog into a book? Cherrilynn coaches you through the process while equipping you to take the next step in your journey from blog to book.  She provides the same tools she uses to coach her clients through the process.

B: Beginning Checklist L: List Topics from blog/vlog O: Observe interaction to content on blog G: Gather information and begin creating your book. The writer will leave with encouragement and tools to catapult their blog into a book.

Contest Savvy: Enter and Win! | Rhonda Dragomir | Business

Writing contests are one of the avenues to get on the fast track to publication. Rhonda will share insider tips with you to make your entries more competitive, increasing both your odds of winning and your opportunity to sharpen writing skills in the process. Rhonda was named Writer of the Year in 2019 by Serious Writer, Inc., and her entry in the 2020 Genesis Contest of ACFW earned her a spot as a finalist.

Crafting Quality Queries | Kim Peterson | Business

Master the dos and don’ts of pitching your ideas. Uncover the secrets of hooking the editor, selling your ideas, asking for the assignment and making a good first impression. Bring an idea to class and craft a quality query during this workshop designed to make you a writer whose name editors love to see in their inboxes.

Critique Give and Take | Tracy Crump | Craft

Honest critique is one of the best ways to improve your work, but writers often shy away from it. Rather than treat it as rejection, discover the value of critique and how to give and take it to polish your pieces for publication. Meet the “unique critique personalities” and discover the good and bad of each. In addition, learn how to find a critique group and how to know when it’s time to move on.

Facebook Ads for Authors | Hannah Conway | Marketing

Nearly 8 out 10 Americans have Facebook. One out of four Facebook users click ads that lead them to retail sites. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool but learning how to use their ads platform may sound tricky. Don’t just boost your sales post, learn how to turn it into a targeted ad to sell your books or build your email list. 

FINISH THAT BOOK! With the Chunky Method | Allie Pleiter | Craft

Do you feel like you can never find the time to write? Have you been chipping away at the same manuscript forever without much progress? Do you need a system that can get you to typing “The End” with success and satisfaction? Wrangling a fickle muse to meet a deadline—or just to get rid of that looming blank page—is a life-skill for everyone who wants to get serious about their writing. Allie Pleiter, the bestselling author of over 40 books, shares the nuts and bolts of how to manage your muse. You’ll learn how to set goals and deadlines that reflect your personal writing style and speed–and smart ways to get faster when you need it. Join the thousands of other writers who have mastered the writing process using Pleiter’s popular Chunky Method. With a useful mix of the practical, the inspirational, and the nitty-gritty real life of it all, this workshop gives aspiring or working writers the tools they need to make the magic happen.

The First Rule of Fiction | Bob Hostetler | Fiction

In his first year as a magazine editor in the Christian field, Bob was constantly amazed that 90% of the fiction manuscripts he rejected were returned for the same shortcoming: poor conflict-struggle-resolution. This workshop will help participants develop that crucial ingredient of strong fiction.

Gathering Fragments: So You Want to Write a Memoir? | Harriet Michael | Nonfiction

5 Reasons to write a memoir; 10 Do’s and Don’ts of memoir writing.

Hooks That Won't Let Go | Bob Hostetler | Fiction / Non-Fiction

Twenty ways to write a hook to your article, story, query, or book that will compel interest.

How to Get the Most out of This Conference | Bob Hostetler | General

Begin the day with this perfect introduction and orientation to attending a writer’s conference. Whether you’re a conference newbie or a veteran, this introduction by a very respected industry professional will provide valuable information and encouragement.

How to Write When It All Goes Wrong | Allie Pleiter | Craft

Is your muse yelling “SOS”? How do you keep the words pouring onto the page when your real life feels like it’s under attack? Every writer knows how stress and personal crises can strangle your creativity. Bestselling multi-published author Allie Pleiter draws on her own personal experience and those of other successful authors to offer practical help. You’ll gain tactics to get you through the thick of your crisis, find the energy to keep writing, use your stress to inspire your writing, and wisely communicate with colleagues and your readers.

Idiom Insights: Writing Lessons from English Expressions | Diana Derringer | Craft

Are you beating your head against the wall for new writing ideas? Ready to throw in the towel? Then get a grip. This workshop may be just what the doctor ordered. A wealth of wit and wisdom hides within idioms and other English expressions. Through personal examples, listening exercises, and group interaction, Diana Derringer unearths those nuggets of truth and applies them to the writing life.

The Language of Children’s Picture Books | Kim Peterson | Children / Teen

Picture books foster language development and stimulate the imagination. Launch a child’s love of books and awaken the joy of discovery by using words, sentence structure, and figures of speech to write picture books children will treasure.


Market a New Book Release | Misty M. Beller | Marketing

Learn the comprehensive approaches to reach previous fans and new readers during a book launch. We’ll cover topics like:

  • Prerequisites to a solid launch
  • How to choose your strategy
  • Growing and utilizing your email list
  • Your websites and social media sharing
  • Building and empowering your launch team
  • Blog tours
  • Paid advertising

Navigating Newsletters: Build Your Email Newsletter List and Content | Hannah Conway | Business

Aside from ‘word of mouth,’ email is the second-best way to market. As an author having an email list is essential for marketing and connecting with readers. But how do you build your email list and what kind of content do you send? Let’s talk about it. You’ll leave with the tools you’ll need to start building a list and sending emails readers love.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: The Submission Process | Tracy Crump | Business

Is it important to know how to write query letters and book proposals? And do submissions really need to stick to a format? Only if you want to be taken seriously as a professional writer. Publishing gets more competitive all the time, but seasoned writers know how to present themselves in the best light to catch editors’ attention. And you can, too. Learn the basics that will push your submission to the head of the line.

Researching to Write: How to Research Nonfiction Children’s Books | Tama Fortner | Craft

Want to write a nonfiction book for children? Then you’d better be ready to do some research! Learn the skills, tips, and tricks used by a bestselling nonfiction writer for children. Topics covered will include choosing a topic, identifying and tracking down primary and secondary sources, and mining the depths of the Internet. You’ll also learn a couple of tried and true strategies for writing nonfiction for kids.

Scrivener: Why Should I Scrivener? (A Beginner Level Class on Scrivener) | Sara Turnquist | Craft

Does Scrivener intimidate you? Seem like more trouble than it’s worth? Or perhaps you want to use it, but you got stymied when you opened it? Maybe you just don’t get what all the hype is about? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, this class if for you. We’ll take a broad look at the benefits of Scrivener and then zoom in to walk through how to get a good start. This class will get you comfortable enough to start using Scrivener and making the most of it.

Scrivener: To formatting and beyond! (An Advanced Class on Scrivener) | Sara Turnquist | Craft

So, you’ve been using Scrivener. And you know you are in love, but you also realize you’ve only scratched the surface of what it can do. You are eager to know what else is lurking behind that façade of buttons and drop down menus. I’ve got you! This class is a deep dive into some of the more interesting and helpful aspects of Scrivener – from customizing icons to making the most of plotting in Scrivener to being able to format an e-book or PDF to upload to KDP. Yes, we will walk through all of that! Come join me for this faster-paced Scrivener Class! (*This class is NOT for beginners.)

Self editing | Gregg Bridgeman | Fiction/Non-fiction

Whether submitting to an agent or editor or self-publishing, a clean manuscript is a must. Follow this checklist to have the ultimate clean manuscript. Class covers the origins of the checklist then elaborates on the major parts of the checklist including having the right spiritual attitude, planning character names and general plot lines, how to knock out that first draft super fast, corralling the front and back matter, the most important self revision steps that every writer MUST perform, and concludes with the nitty-gritty checklist items to have a very clean manuscript. Students will receive pre-written detailed class notes, a one-page checklist, and a detailed checklist form and printable spreadsheet to use or revise as needed.

Seven steps to successful self Publishing | Hallee Bridgeman | General (Friday Only)

Since 2012, Hallee Bridgeman has self-published 35 books, and has sold nearly a million copies. In this workshop, she will go over the Seven Steps to Successful Self Publishing, including editing, formatting, metadata, publishing, and marketing. This class will only be offered on Thursday as a bonus workshop from 2:00-6:00 p.m. EST.

Social Media Do’s & Don’t’s | Greg Turnquist | Business

They said get on social media. They said open a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account. They said start a YouTube channel. So why don’t you have time to write books anymore??

Find out where social media can REALLY help you without sinking all your spare time. And learn some tips and tricks to NOT do on social media so it doesn’t turn into a nightmare.

Stand Out Videos for Authors | Monica Schmelter | Business

In this hands-on class you’ll learn quality and cost-effective ways to make stand out videos from your very own cell phone or computer. With video you can share your message, your books, and connect with more readers than you ever thought possible.

Teen Writers Brainstorm and Q&A Session | Crystal Caudill | Craft

If you are 19 or under, come meet other teens and bring your work-in-progress, questions, or ideas. We’ll focus on your needs and help you connect with other writers. Don’t want to share or have questions? Still come, enjoy some fellowship and a few fun activities to get the creative juices flowing.

Top Three in Thirty | Cherrilynn Bisbano | Business

An agent or publisher can review your proposal and decide your fate in thirty seconds, especially if one of the top three requirements doesn’t meet their expectations. It seems unfair when the author spends hours on research, edits, and rewrites. Learn to capture their attention.

This class covers the three vital parts of a proposal: Biography, Marketing Plan, and Three Sample Chapters. The author will leave feeling more prepared to write a professional proposal.

Toss-Out Male Tropes: Men are More than Black & White | Gregg Bridgeman & J.P. Robinson | Craft

Part 1

In part 1, this class walks students through a statistical market analysis of books with crossover appeal to both male and female readers. The instructors then share some “ground truth” about men by dispelling popular secular myths about the male sex and delving into what real men really want. By contrasting female characterization, the class reveals vulnerable truths about how to characterize exactly how male characters might think and feel within all types of relationships. Clear and real insight is given into real male sexuality, male centered worldviews, and the male take on race relations.

Part 2

Part 2 builds on that knowledge by providing scenarios and techniques to create or resolve conflict within male and female character speech and gives attendees the vital insight into crafting super realistic dialogue for practically any male character. Dialogue techniques during emotionally charged situations including arguments and interrogations is covered.

Part 3

The course wraps up in part 3 by layering the previously gained knowledge with insight into the narrative. With a visualization of what makes a fully three-dimensional character followed by an intense analysis of narrative techniques by putting archetypes, stereotypes, and tropes under the microscope, the instructors share practical demonstrations and tools writers can take home to craft true-to-life narrative that will appeal to men and women alike.

Trailblaze Your Path to Success | Noah Halloran | General

This workshop is for anyone who needs motivation and direction to publish their book. Teen author Noah Halloran explains the mental process and the motivation that led him to write a global bestselling book at sixteen years old. We are all so much more capable than we realize. Noah Halloran desires to captivate the gift inside of you and Trailblaze your own path to success.

Write for the World: Reach the Unreached with Radio Drama | Diana Derringer | Craft

You can reach the unreached in more than 50 countries, many closed to or with severe restrictions on Christian ministry and missions. In Write for the World, Diana Derringer, who has written 100-plus radio dramas, explains how. She covers a few basic drama guidelines with a focus on how to write radio drama. When you leave this workshop, you will have the tools to write for and reach the world through Christ to the World Ministries.

Write for Young Adults | Kim Peterson | Craft

From Sunday school take-home papers to young adult novels, consider the seven “Ps” to effectively connect with the current teen and preteen culture.

The Writer’s Toolbox | Rhonda Dragomir | Craft

The Internet and book stores are chock full of tools to teach writers their craft. Rhonda Dragomir will share with you the tools she has found most valuable in her writing career, including newsletters, blogs, websites, and books, many of which are free or low-cost. When you stuff your toolbox with high-quality implements, your writer’s construction job is much easier!

Writers are Warriors | Karynthia Phillips | General

Karynthia Phillips teaches that writers are warriors. We do not wimp out, but remain steadfast during the journey of authorship. Learn practical tools to finish your book from a certified writing coach and book consultant.

Writing for the Guideposts Family of Magazines | Diane Stark | Craft

In 2018, Diane won the Guideposts Writers Workshop contest and has since been published regularly in Guideposts Magazine and its sister publications. In this workshop, participants will learn tips that will increase their chances of winning the contest and tricks to break in to this tough, but rewarding, market. If you’ve got a personal experience story you want to share with Guideposts’ wide readership, Diane can help you.