Cecil Murphey Scholarships

Need a Helping Hand?

When Cecil Murphey began writing professionally, he made a double promise to God: (1) He would never stop learning, and (2) he would do whatever he could to help other writers. Providing scholarships is one way he helps writers.

This year, the KCWC Committee is able to award 10 scholarships, thanks to the generosity of the Cecil Murphey Scholarship Fund (www.cecilmurphey.com). Each scholarship provides FULL tuition for the in-person conference and lodging expenses (based on double occupancy). Transportation expenses are not included. Scholarships are intended only for those who have not received a Cecil Murphey scholarship in the past. 

These scholarships are available to those with legitimate financial needs and who would not otherwise be able to attend an in-person conference. Submissions are due by August 15, 2023. Winners will announced by August 22, 2023.