Attending Teen


Any child age 10 to 17 may attend for just $85 to cover the cost of meals when accompanied by a paying adult.

Christ our Lord instructed his followers not to forbid children from drawing near to him (Mat. 19:14, Mar. 10:14, Luk. 18:16), and KCWC desires to fully obey his leadership.

Purchase your ticket, then bring all of your children age 10 and 17. We will give them access to the full conference, including training sessions, keynotes, worship, the conference app, the prayer room, entertainment, and activities right by your side. Their access is completely free and our gift to you. We only ask that you cover the cost of their meals, which is just $85 per child.

KCWC will cover all other costs for every child who attends. We are on a mission to train the next generation of writers. It is our pleasure to offer this family friendly opportunity this year as we return to an in-person conference. If your children have an interest in writing great books from a Christian worldview, we have an interest in serving them with world class training.

NOTE: All children will be issued a special badge recognizing them as FUTURE CHRISTIAN WRITERS and must be accompanied by a paying adult.