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Once Upon a Writers Conference

by Betty Thomason Owens

In my vivid imagination, I’d show up at my very first writers conference, and as quick as instant potatoes, secure a book contract. That sound you hear is me—laughing uproariously. I laugh at myself often.

Regarding the conference, while I’m sure such a thing can and does happen, it did not for me. However, that does not deter me from attending writers’ conferences whenever possible and taking full advantage of everything they have to offer. After all, I pay for all they have to offer.

So, you’re wondering if you should sign up. You’re kind of on the fence about it. This could be a major yawner and you’d leave feeling ripped off. Let me assure you, based on this year’s keynote speaker alone, you will not be bored, or ripped off. I can also guarantee comfortable surroundings.

And then there are the teaching sessions. The conference committee searches far and wide to find the best presenters they can afford. The cream of the crop of writing professionals to come and share their knowledge with our attendees. Talented coaches to “pump you up” and send you out “armed and ready” to write your best story.

What happens at the writers’ conference, doesn’t necessarily stay at the writers conference. You may gain some long-lasting friendships and connections. You could even score an agent or a publisher, or at least get a head start on procuring one.

So, why is your finger hesitating over ENTER? Click it and let’s get on with it. Then, get your stories ready, along with all your paraphernalia. Pack your bags and get ready for a great weekend in beautiful surroundings, among like-minded individuals.

Folks like you, who love to write stories.

Betty Thomason Owens is Treasurer for Kentucky Christian Writers Conference. She is a published author of historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and fantasy-adventure. She is also a mentor, assisting other writers, and a co-founder of a blog dedicated to inspiring writers: Writing Prompts & Thoughts & Ideas…Oh My! Betty is a retired business office manager and bookkeeper. Now she spends her time writing and thinking about writing, as well as babysitting her youngest grandchild. Her other interests are travel and gardening—mostly flowers, and battling an army of neighborhood squirrels and rabbits. She lives in the Fern Creek area of Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband, Bob. They have three sons, and eight grandchildren. Website:

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