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My Writing Space

by Jean Matthew Hall

Writers love to write in different places. Some write while waiting in car line for their kids. Some write on a comfy couch. Some under a tree. Some snuggled in bed.

And some, like me, write at a desk in an office.

My bedroom is long and narrow. One end is designated as my “bedroom,” and the opposite end as my “office.”

I think better, I don’t dilly-dally as much when I sit at my desk. Something in my mind clicks when I flip my laptop open. I go into work mode.

I’m surrounded by books—lots of books. My printer is within reach. A sunny window is to my left. Distractions are minimal. My laptop gives me instant access to search engines and world-wide libraries. It’s where I work. It’s where I think creatively.

I am a creature of habit. If you are, don’t run from it! Take advantage of it. Find your niche, find the spot where your brain clicks into work mode. Then get busy.

Try a comfy sofa or a porch swing. Find a tree to perch in or a bed loaded with pillows. Or, if you are like me, establish a work zone with a desk, great chair, printer, laptop, resources, etc. Set up your own workstation and train your brain to click into work mode when you pop open your laptop.

Just find a spot and WRITE!

Jean lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Her stories and poems appear in a variety of inspirational magazines and anthologies. Jean is a member of the SCBWI, Word Weavers International, and the Louisville Christian Writers. Jean recently signed with Little Lamb Books for a four-book series of picture books about the seasons of the year. The first book, God’s Blessings of Fall, was released in September of 2019. Jean is represented by Cyle Young of Hartline Literary Agency. Website:

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