You are currently viewing Leave Nothing Unsaid–Part 3 on Refined Theme by Jean Hall

Leave Nothing Unsaid–Part 3 on Refined Theme by Jean Hall

Blessings, Writers. Here is one more guest blog on our seminar theme from our 2021-22 coordinator. This one focuses on the results of our refinement and the pain we sometimes must endure to get there. Oh, that we can praise God through the trials we’ve faced in the last year or so and trust that He IS refining us in His plan to make ALL things work together for the good.



By Jean Matthew Hall

Silver taken from the earth is dirty. It is a hodgepodge mixture of rock, copper, salts, lead, and, yes, a little silver. It is unusable until it is smelted (separated from the rocks and other metals by heat) and refined (purified by heat and, sometimes, caustic chemicals).

We never enjoy being smelted—separated from our pasts, from our failures, from our self-centered, sin-centered lives. It’s uncomfortable at first.

And we surely don’t enjoy being refined, do we? Being subjected to things like heat and pressure reveals our impurities so God can scrape them away or pour them out of our lives.

But we do enjoy the end result. My favorite pair of earrings are silver bobs that dangle from my ears. Their luster is beautiful. They shine in candlelight. Because the silver has been purified, it can reflect every speck of light around it.

The same is true of our lives and of our work—our writing—for the Lord. Do our words shine? Do they sparkle with purity? Do they reflect the light of Christ?

Here’s a link to a poem, “Let My Words Be Silver Boxes” that expresses this truth in our lives as writers, I think. Please jump over and read it.

Leave Nothing Unsaid Blog owner, Jody Noland, borrowed these words and posted them in 2015. They are still beautifully true.

You can visit Jody on her blog, or follow her on Face Book at Leave Nothing Unsaid.


KCWC Planning Committee Coordinator, Jean Matthew Hall, lives in LaGrange, Kentucky. Jean is a member of the SCBWI, Word Weavers International, Write2Ignite and the Kentucky Christian Writers.

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