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A Divine Invitation

“Your specific talent was knit into your DNA before birth, as a divine invitation.” – Allen Arnold

I sat in Allen Arnold’s class at an ACFW conference, furiously taking notes when this quote snagged my attention. At the time, I couldn’t really digest it, but days later, as I read through those notes, the words hit home.

“…a divine invitation.” Not a command, but an invitation I can choose to accept, or not.

I pondered it for days, until it dropped into my heart and took up a permanent parking spot in my soul. I have the final say-so in whether I live my life as a writer, or not.

Then I asked myself the hard questions: Do I have writing talent? Has God given me a way with words?

I have decided I will prayerfully and stubbornly pursue my dream with confidence that God has knit my talent into my DNA.

This is a powerful statement. One that I would never have heard, if I had not attended a writer’s conference.

If I had ever doubted the wisdom of going to a conference, what I learned that day would have changed my mind.

Conferences provide opportunities for gaining knowledge and experience. And, it’s not just sitting in class, but listening and engaging in conversations at the table during a shared meal. It’s a one-on-one with an editor, agent, or publisher that may ignite my confidence and inspire me to aim higher.

A negative one-on-one with an editor at my very first conference sent me to my hotel room in tears, but it also challenged me to work harder and create better stories. Now, I had something to prove, and I set out to do just that.

I haven’t found huge success, but I think I’ve discovered something far more satisfying. God can use what I write to touch hearts and bless readers, whether their number is counted in tens, or millions. A simply-stated fact may become someone else’s nugget of truth that will stay with them the rest of their life. A divine invitation; should you choose to accept it.

Betty Thomason Owens

KCWC Treasurer

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