KCWC 2022 attendees will have the opportunity to pitch projects and/or glean information from several faculty members who are offering one-on-one appointments via Zoom. Note: Not all faculty members are available for this service. Please click on the button below for a link to the sign-up sheet.

Be advised: The sign-up sheet uses a free service from Google and thus contains advertisements. KCWC does not select these ads, nor do we endorse these products or services.

NOTE:  Only TWO appointments per attendee will be permitted. We want to make certain as many attendees as possible can have a one-on-one.

The registrar will send each attendee who has a one-on-one appointment an email containing the Zoom link for appointments.

Please note: Timing is automatic. If you arrive late for your appointment, there is NO WAY to extend your time. Promptness pays.


Link for the One-on-One appointments:

Meeting ID: 839 2394 9724