The 2022 Kentucky Christian Writers Conference will be presented online using the Zoom meeting platform. An app is available for your device, and all the information you need for accessing conference events will be on this page.

Access to all sessions is provided to attendees through Zoom links embedded on this website. Each day of the conference has its own menu tab, and sessions are listed by the time provided on the schedule. For the most up-to-date schedule, visit the 2022 home page to download it. To enter a session, click on the link.

Please note: Zoom  provides methods of ensuring your privacy online. You can customize your name and provide a profile picture. If you join using your phone and do NOT customize those features, the default setting is for your attendance to be shown displaying your phone number. All attendees are responsible for their privacy online by using and customizing Zoom’s features to do so. KCWC accepts no liability for attendees whose private information appears online because that person did not enable privacy features.

Learn to Zoom!

We strongly advise registrants new to Zoom to watch a few tutorials to learn the program before the conference. There will be so much information, you won’t want to be frustrated on the technology side. Here are a few links to help you:

Zoom Full Tutorial

Zoom’s Video Tutorials

Cozy Grammar YouTube Tutorial

Technical Details

What You’ll Need:

  • A connection to the internet (speed will matter—slow internet will create problems for video streaming; test your connection by watching videos above)
  • A device that streams video (desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone)
  • A way to hear sound (speakers, headphones, earbuds)
  • A useful keyboard to enter questions in chat
  • Access to the KCWC website for links to specific classrooms
  • A means to take notes (pen and paper are just fine!)

We’ll leave other cozy details to you. You may want to have a Bible handy for scripture references made by presenters. Coffee, cats, and chocolate are common favorites! Be sure to make yourself comfortable, stay hydrated, and solicit support from family members to provide you the solitude you’ll need to make the most of your time. If interruptions come—and they almost certainly will—remember, you’ll have six months to watch recordings so you can receive the most benefit from attending KCWC!