Friday 6:00 pm

Friday, June 17, from 6:00-7:00 p.m. EDT

Breaking News...

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Jim Watkins is not able to teach this class tonight. Instead, use the same link to attend a workshop taught by Hallee Bridgeman, “Writing in Layers.” You’ll be blessed!

Jim has shared a link to his material online for those of you who are interested in his presentation.

Writing in Layers

with Hallee Bridgeman~ Track: General

Hallee takes you through her process of writing a full-length novel very quickly by layering in different elements at a time.

Find Your Target Reader

with Misty Beller ~ Track: Business/Marketing

During this class, we’ll learn exactly what a target reader looks like, not just demographics, but also behaviors, preferences, and backgrounds. I’ll teach three practical ways to discover our target reader, using audience volunteers to see the steps in action. Finally, we’ll discuss how this new enlightenment should affect both our writing and marketing to make our efforts exponentially more effective.


Find Your Target Reader

Click here for a text file of the chat:

KCWC Find Your Target Reader

Twenty-Five Rejection-Proof Markets

with Jim Watkins ~ Track: General

Discover writing opportunities that well-known authors have employed to truly change lives—and avoid rejection slips. Many of these proven writing ministries can be implemented immediately without waiting months—or years—to be traditionally published in books and articles.

Jim has shared this blog post with his information for you to read at your leisure.

Read the blog post.