Friday 4:00 pm

Friday, June 17, from 4:00-5:00 p.m. EDT


with Rhonda Dragomir ~ Track: Business/Marketing

Book trailers are impressive marketing tools, but contracting with a producer for a professional video can be very costly. With a small investment in a user-friendly program, you can create your trailer on your own, saving hundreds of dollars. Rhonda Dragomir will demonstrate Corel VideoStudio® and share her tips and tricks for making your video eye-catching and informative.

HANDOUTS:   Create Your Own Book Trailer

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KCWC Create Your Own Book Trailer

Sensitivity and Diversity in Manuscripts

with Edwina Perkins ~ Track: Writing Craft

The number of books with ethnic characters has risen over the last few years. Because publishing houses are looking for more diversity in what authors are submitting, non-ethnic writers need address some important issues when it comes to understanding how to include diversity in their manuscripts. This workshop addresses the impact of writing about a culture outside of your own, the need for sensitivity readers, and what they do.

Writing for the Guideposts Family of Magazines

with Diane Stark ~ Track: Writing Craft

In this workshop, Diane Stark will teach participants what types of stories Guideposts is looking for and how to craft your story to get noticed. She is a contributing editor and manages several departments in the magazines. She will detail the kinds of stories she is looking for and how to submit them to her. So far, five writers who attended Diane’s workshop at the 2021 KCWC have had stories published in Guideposts. Join them!

Researching to Write: How to Research a Nonfiction Children’s Book

with Tama Fortner ~ Track: Writing Craft/Children's

Want to write a nonfiction book for children? Then you’d better be ready to do some research because it’s the facts you uncover that will drive your writing! Learn the skills, tips, and tricks used by an ECPA award-winning and bestselling nonfiction writer for children. Topics covered will include finding potential ideas, identifying and tracking down primary and secondary sources, warnings about and surprising uses of Wikipedia, mining the depths of the Internet using Boolean searches, and keeping track of all that research. (Psst! These tips and tricks work for researching teen and adult books too!)


Researching to Write

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