Saturday 2:15 pm

Saturday afternoon, June 18, from 2:15-3:30 p.m. EDT

Good afternoon! It is our prayer that you have had a fruitful conference, having received the information, inspiration, and motivation to “publish his (God’s) glorious tidings” around the world.

This session will offer the final keynote address by Jim Rubart.

It will close with a word from our Coordinator and a prayer for God’s blessing before we dismiss.

Final Keynote Address

Instructor: Jim Rubart
Track: All

The Dream Must Die

Click here for the text file of the chat: KCWC Keynote 3

Closing and Dismissal

Jean Matthew Hall
2022 Coordinator
Track: All

Whew! It’s been a grueling two days, but you’ve made it to the end of the conference. It is the prayer of the KCWC Planning Committee that you are better equipped to fulfill your calling to write for the glory of God, and that you’ve passed through God’s refining fire pertaining to your craft. Join this session to praise God for His goodness and pray together for divine empowerment in the days ahead.

This session will be merged with the final keynote address. Use the same Zoom link as in the box above.

Note: The Zoom link for the post-conference faculty meeting is on the Excel spreadsheet received by all members.