Saturday 10:15 am

Saturday morning, June 18, from 10:15-11:15 a.m. EDT

Are Authors in Their Write Minds?

with Jim Watkins ~ Track: General

Several university studies have discovered that writers are more prone to mental health issues than the general public. But the research also shows that because of this, writers excel in greater creativity, sensitivity, and understanding of others. Jim uses the Bible and behavioral science to show how to use our weaknesses to communicate through God’s strength. 

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Canva Basics for Writers

with Tama Fortner ~ Track: Business/Marketing

In our digital world, it’s all about images! Tap into your creativity, and learn to create professional-looking posts for social media using the free version of Canva. This class will touch on how to create a color scheme and choose fonts, as well as how to create social media posts for Instagram and Facebook. The basic features of Canva will be explained and demonstrated, including templates, images, elements, sharing, and downloading. Participants are asked to bring their laptops with the free version of Canva already downloaded.


Canva Basics for Writers

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Writing the Emotional Roller Coaster

with Robin Patchen ~ Track: Writing Craft/Fiction

People read fiction for an emotional experience, yet most novelists leave their readers’ emotional journeys to chance. Why not engineer your readers’ emotional journey? Conference attendees will explore the three ways to add emotion to a manuscript. They will discover how to use the emotion wheel to add depth to their prose, to dig deeper into what a character is feeling, and to bring more complexity to the characters’ journeys. Each attendee will learn simple tools and techniques to create stories that will pull their readers onto a roller coaster that will leave them breathless.

HANDOUTS:   Writing the Emotional Roller Coaster

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