Saturday 9:00 am

Saturday morning, June 19, from 9:00-10:00 a.m.

Writing for the Guideposts Family of Magazines

Instructor: Diane Stark
Host: Janet Grimes
Track: Nonfiction

In 2018, Diane won the Guideposts Writers Workshop contest and has since been published regularly in Guideposts Magazine and its sister publications. In “Writing for the Guideposts Family of Magazines,” participants will learn tips that will increase their chances of winning the contest and tricks to break in to this tough, but rewarding, market. If you’ve got a personal experience story you want to share with Guideposts’ wide readership, Diane can help you.

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Idiom Insights: Writing Lessons from English Expressions

Instructor: Diana Derringer
Host: Kristy Horine
Track: Craft

Are you beating your head against the wall for new writing ideas? Ready to throw in the towel? Then get a grip. This workshop may be just what the doctor ordered. A wealth of wit and wisdom hides within idioms and other English expressions. Through personal examples, listening exercises, and group interaction, Diana Derringer unearths those nuggets of truth and applies them to the writing life.

Crafting Quality Queries

Instructor: Kim Peterson
Host: Crystal Murray
Track: Business

Master the dos and don’ts of pitching your ideas. Uncover the secrets of hooking the editor, selling your ideas, asking for the assignment and making a good first impression. Bring an idea to class and craft a quality query during this workshop designed to make you a writer whose name editors love to see in their inboxes.

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Toss Out Male Tropes: Men Are More Than Black & White (Part 1)

Instructors: J.P. Robinson & Gregg Bridgeman
Host: Hannah Conway
Track: Fiction

In part 1, this class walks students through a statistical market analysis of books with crossover appeal to both male and female readers. The instructors then share some “ground truth” about men by dispelling popular secular myths about the male sex and delving into what real men really want. By contrasting female characterization, the class reveals vulnerable truths about how to characterize exactly how male characters might think and feel within all types of relationships. Clear and real insight is given into real male sexuality, male centered worldviews, and the male take on race relations.

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Note: The slides for Part 1 are in a 1MB file. Please allow extra time for the download.

Click here to download the text file of the chat: Toss-Out Male Tropes (Part 1)