Friday 10:15 am

Friday morning, June 18 from 10:15-11:15 a.m. EDT

Why Should I Scrivener? (Beginner Level)

Instructor: Sara Turnquist
Host: Crystal Caudill
Track: Craft

Does Scrivener intimidate you? Seem like more trouble than it’s worth? Or perhaps you want to use it, but you got stymied when you opened it? Maybe you just don’t get what all the hype is about? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, this class if for you. We’ll take a broad look at the benefits of Scrivener and then zoom in to walk through how to get a good start. This class will get you comfortable enough to start using Scrivener and making the most of it.

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Instructor: Gregg Bridgeman
Host: Heather Greer
Track: Craft

Whether submitting to an agent or editor or self-publishing, a clean manuscript is a must. Follow this checklist to have the ultimate clean manuscript. Class covers the origins of the checklist then elaborates on the major parts of the checklist including having the right spiritual attitude, planning character names and general plot lines, how to knock out that first draft super fast, corralling the front and back matter, the most important self revision steps that every writer MUST perform, and concludes with the nitty-gritty checklist items to have a very clean manuscript. Students will receive pre-written detailed class notes, a one-page checklist, and a detailed checklist form and printable spreadsheet to use or revise as needed.

Download the Ultimate Self-Editing Checklist

Download the 1-page Self-Editing Checklist

Download the Ultimate Checklist including Formatting

Download the Character Profile template

Download the Excel Spreadsheet on Surnames that do not end in S

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Write for the World: Reach the Unreached with Radio Drama

Instructor: Diana Derringer
Host: Kristy Horine
Track: Fiction

You can reach the unreached in more than 50 countries, many closed to or with severe restrictions on Christian ministry and missions. In Write for the World, Diana Derringer, who has written 100-plus radio dramas, explains how. She covers a few basic drama guidelines with a focus on how to write radio drama. When you leave this workshop, you will have the tools to write for and reach the world through Christ to the World Ministries.

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Top Three in Thirty

Instructor: Cherrilynn Bisbano
Host: Pam Walker
Track: Marketing

An agent or publisher can review your proposal and decide your fate in thirty seconds, especially if one of the top three requirements doesn’t meet their expectations. It seems unfair when the author spends hours on research, edits, and rewrites. Learn to capture their attention.

Cherrilynn will share her handout upon request.

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