Saturday 10:15 am

Saturday morning, June 19, from 10:15-11:15 a.m. EDT

Video Marketing for Authors

Instructor: Hallee Bridgeman
Host: Heather Greer
Track: Marketing

Hallee Bridgeman will show you how she uses video in marketing and platform building.

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Researching to Write: How to Research Nonfiction Children's Books

Instructor: Tama Fortner
Host: Pam Walker
Track: Childrens

Want to write a nonfiction book for children? Then you’d better be ready to do some research! Learn the skills, tips, and tricks used by a bestselling nonfiction writer for children. Topics covered will include choosing a topic, identifying and tracking down primary and secondary sources, and mining the depths of the Internet. You’ll also learn a couple of tried and true strategies for writing nonfiction for kids.

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Contest Savvy: Enter and Win!

Instructor: Rhonda Dragomir
Host: Janet Grimes
Track: Craft

Writing contests are one of the avenues to get on the fast track to publication. Rhonda will share insider tips with you to make your entries more competitive, increasing both your odds of winning and your opportunity to sharpen writing skills in the process. Rhonda was named Writer of the Year in 2019 by Serious Writer, Inc., and her entry in the 2020 Genesis Contest of ACFW earned her a spot as a finalist.

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Toss Out Male Tropes: Men Are More Than Black & White (Part 2)

Instructors: J.P. Robinson and Gregg Bridgeman
Host: Hannah Conway
Track: Fiction

The instructors share some “ground truth” about men by dispelling popular secular myths about the male sex and delving into what real men really want. Part 2 builds on Part 1 knowledge by providing scenarios and techniques to create or resolve conflict within male and female character speech and gives attendees the vital insight into crafting super realistic dialogue for practically any male character. Dialogue techniques during emotionally charged situations including arguments and interrogations is covered.

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Download Excel spreadsheet, “500 Ways to Say ‘Said'”.

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