Friday 1:30 pm

 Friday, June 19, from 1:30-2:30 p.m.

Websites for Writers Part 2 (Content)

Instructor: Rhonda Dragomir
Track: Business

In this second class on website building, Rhonda will offer ideas about creating the theme, mood, and content for an attractive writer’s website. This class is a good follow-up for session one, but it is also for website beginners and intermediate users—those who have a website, but who may want to spruce up their current site or learn how to design it themselves.

Download Websites Part 2 handout.

Memoir: Break the Silence
& ReWrite Your Story

Instructor: Karynthia Phillips
Track: NonFiction

Karynthia Phillips teaches how to break cultural silence and rewrite your family of origin experience with practical applications. God has given each of us a story to share.

Download the handout for this class:

Writers are warriors listening sheet

Click here to download the text file of the chat.

How to Write Men the Right Way

Instructor: J.P. Robinson
Track: Fiction

Discover how to effectively capture the male mentality and create true-to-life male characters that appeal to both male and female readers.

Click here to download the text file of the chat.

The Last Editing Class You’ll Ever Need

Instructor: Lisa Carter
Track: Craft

Editors and agents are looking for an opportunity to stop reading your manuscript. This class is about not giving them any excuse to stop reading. Attendees will take away: 1. How to change your mindset from dreading the editing process to likening editing to the perspective of a sculptor. 2. How by chipping away at this ungainly lump of clay called your first draft, your editing chisel slowly releases the beauty hidden therein, revealing the best manuscript you can present. Attendees will be provided an exhaustive editing checklist by the end of the workshop.

Click here for the handout on Weasel Words.

Click here for the handout Editing Checklist.

Click here to download the text file of the chat.

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