Friday 11:30 am

Friday, June 19, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.

Websites for Writers Part 1 (Mechanics)

Instructor: Rhonda Dragomir
Track: Business

In this first class on website building, Rhonda will teach the rudiments of building a website, focusing upon these topics, among others: Why writers need websites; technical terminology; choosing a web hosting company and pitfalls to avoid; choosing a URL and setting up email; choosing and using website building software; and organizing navigation. This class is for website novices—those who do not yet have a website, or who have no idea how to begin building one.

Download the handout for this class.

Writing Christian Nonfiction for Children

Instructor: Tama Fortner
Track: Nonfiction

Bestselling children’s author Tama Fortner will provide an overview of writing for the Christian children’s market. Topics covered will include distinguishing between the various types of children’s nonfiction, finding your topic and your voice, and writing to your audience.

WEBMASTER NOTE: The third handout below (Essential Resources) was not available during the live seminar. Please excuse the error. It is available now – a list Tama created of essential resources on this topic.

Download Class Outline Handout

Download Key Terms Handout

Download Essential Resources Handout

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Writing Diverse Characters

Instructor: Toni Shiloh
Track: Fiction

Our writing should reflect the diversity around us. In this session we will discuss why representation matters and delve into the transformative power of reading diverse fiction. You’ll learn how to write characters of differing ethnic backgrounds and celebrate your characters’ uniqueness without falling into stereotypes.

Click here for a link to Toni’s PowerPoint presentation.

Caution: it is a very large file and might take a little time to download.

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Publishing 101: How the
Publishing Process works

Instructor: Deb Haggerty
Track: Business

The publishing process from query to finished book and everything in between.

Presenting yourself and your work successfully to an editor/publisher requires certain skills and documents. Ways to ensure you make that very important great first impression will be discussed along with tips and techniques to aid in the creative process. This is an interactive seminar with questions and discussion actively encouraged.

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Click below for Deb’s generous, helpful handouts.

Elk Lake Style Sheet

Elk Lake Proposal Guidelines

Should I Submit to Editors First?

Nine Ways to Grab an Editors’ Attention

Self-Editing: Pop Goes the Weasel

Cutting Your Work

Getting into Character with Point of View

Ellipses and Em Dashes

Tags and Beats

Using Microsoft Word Track Changes

What to Do After a Writers Conference

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