Friday 10:15 am

Friday morning, June 19 from 10:15-11:15 a.m.

Stars and Words: Reviewing Book Reviews

Instructor: Gregg Bridgeman
Track: Fiction and Nonfiction

In this class, Gregg Bridgeman covers five important points about reviews:

  1. Types of book reviews.
  2. Why are book reviews important?
  3. How to get reader reviews.
  4. Get even more organic reviews.
  5. Responding to reviews.

This class is essential for any author whose work may be reviewed in the public space.

Download the Stars & Words-Book Reviews Slide Deck

Download the Stars & Words-Book Reviews Supplemental Document

The Well Writer

Instructor: Lisa Carter
Track: Fiction and Nonfiction

What does it mean to be an authentic, vulnerable writer? It is a joyful, exhilarating and sometimes terrifying journey of writing stories with which readers can identify. This workshop will discuss:
    • why we write
    • writing from your authentic self
    • what won’t happen once you sign a contract and what will
    • defining your success
    • consecrated writing
Click here for the handout for this course. Click here to download the text file of the chat.