Saturday 10:15 am

Saturday morning, June 20, from 10:15-11:15 a.m.

Writers are Warriors

Instructor: Karynthia Phillips
Track: Fiction and Nonfiction

Karynthia Phillips teaches that writers are warriors. We do not wimp out, but remain steadfast during the journey of authorship. Learn practical tools to finish your book from a certified writing coach and book consultant.

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The Ancient Art of Storytelling
& What We Can Learn from It

Instructor: Kenzi Nevins
Track: Fiction

Why do humans tell stories? What draws us to them? People have been using storytelling for a variety of purposes throughout human history. Jesus himself used it often in his teaching. What can the way people in the past told stories teach us about novel-writing today? Is there a specific formula that makes a story good? And if so, when and how should we deviate from it?

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Q&A: All About Audiobooks

Instructor: Gene Rowley
Track: Business

Bring your audiobook questions! Learn more about the industry, how to get started, and what resources are available in the marketplace. This course will be hosted as a Q&A session. Gene will be ready to answer your audiobook questions to the best of his ability.

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Ask the Agent

Instructor: Chip MacGregor
Track: Business

What does an agent do? What does an agent NOT do? And do I really need an agent in this era of indie publishing?

This session will offer an introduction to the work of a literary agent, and let you ask ANY question you have of someone who has been one of the country’s most successful agents over the past 22 years.

Download a basic outline for note-taking.

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