Saturday 1:00 pm

Saturday, June 20 from 1:00-2:00 p.m.

Social Media and its Uses for Authors

Instructor: Kenzi Nevins
Track: Business

As authors, most of us wish we could spend more time writing and leave marketing to the experts, but in today’s world, social media is a necessary part of our job. Fortunately, with a little work, you can turn it in to a vehicle for reaching the world with your words, rather than a frustrating time-waster.

Building Your Tribe on Social Media

Instructor: Toni Shiloh
Track: Business

Building a tribe of super fans is vital to your writing career. These fans will become natural influencers and reviewers and all it requires of you is to invite them into your social media tribe. Learn the tips to build a fan base using various social media outlets.

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Video Marketing for Authors

Instructor: Hallee Bridgeman
Track: Business

We are in a visual, video society. If you want to reach readers, video is a perfect tool. Added to that, YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world – second only to Google (who owns Youtube.) Bestselling author Hallee Bridgeman will show you different ways you can use video to capture your audience with the tools you already have.

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The Publishing Contract

Instructor: Chip MacGregor
Track: Business

What are publishing contracts, and what should you know about them? This session will give an overview of the essential things to look for (and those to avoid) when you’re faced with signing a contract, either with a traditional house or as an indie author. The class is taught by a longtime literary agent who has negotiated more book contracts than just about anyone in our industry.

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